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For more than 31 years, TopAid Appliance Repair has built a solid reputation as a reliable local appliance repair company.

We repair home appliances of all major brands.

We provide high-quality Refrigerators Repair, Washer Repair, Washing Machine Repair, Dryer Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Oven Repair, Stove Repair in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island of NY.

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While others seek to profit by cutting corners or recommend unnecessary services to customers, we believe that our great reputation and consistently great service will bring bigger profits in the long run and better serve the community.

We have a large inventory of replacement parts. Our trucks are stocked and ready to serve our customer promptly and immediately on every service call.

Appliance Repair FAQs

If the refrigerator fan motor is making a lot of noise, then most likely it needs to be replaced. Then you will need the professional help of a refrigerator repair technician. Call us today +1 (646)346-7603.

If the oven does not start, you need to inspect the surface element, the roasting element, the switch and the ignition element of the oven burner. If you need the professional help of a stove or oven repair technician, call us today +1 (646)346-7603.

A noisy washing machine can be due to various problems. Need to check the pump, pump motor, drive motor or belt, shock absorbers, damping belt, and anymore. If you need the professional help of a washing machine repair technician, call us today +1 (646)346-7603.

The problem may be in the door switch, fuse or start switch. If you need the professional help of a dryer repair technician, call us today +1 (646)346-7603.

A dishwasher leak can be caused by a faulty spray arm, pump, or door gasket. If you need the professional help of a dishwasher repair technician, call us today +1 (646)346-7603.

Need to cook and the oven doesn’t work?

Appliance Repair

Typically, the service life of the oven is 10-15 years. And if your oven gets old and starts to break down, you don’t need to buy a new oven. You just need to do some minor repairs to the oven and this way you will save a significant amount of dollars and keep your budget. Of course, in some cases, you will be able to repair the oven yourself, but you may also need the help of a professional to repair the oven.

Read on to find out if you can get the job done yourself or if you should still seek the help of a professional technician to repair your stove and oven.

It is very important! When repairing the oven, make sure it is disconnected from the power supply. Turn off the gas supply before working with the gas oven.

What to do if the gas burner does not burn?

In some cases, all that is really required is to remove the grate, cover, and burner base. Then remove any debris around the burner, for example with a toothpick or compressed air. Check the wires connecting the igniter to the control module of your oven and tighten any loose connections. If your burner still does not burn, then it is best to get a professional to repair your oven.

What if the range burner won’t heat?

When repairing an electric oven when the stove is not heating up, start by replacing the burner that is not working. You just need to unplug the faulty one from the socket and plug in a working burner in its place. If this burner works, you know that the old burner is out of order and you need to repair it. Also, the problem may be with the outlet. Check the outlet for signs of damage. Replace the outlet if you notice clear signs of damage. After replacing, check the outlet again. If the oven still doesn’t work, you need a professional to repair it.

What to do if the broke oven door that won’t shut?

If the oven door does not close, it is very difficult to bake or prepare food properly. First, you need to remove the oven door and inspect all the hinges. Then check the door springs for breakage. If you find a broken spring, we recommend using pliers to open the ends around the bolts. If the problem is with the rubber pad, remove the rubber pad with a screwdriver and pliers to separate it. Replace it with another gasket after removal. If all these actions cause you difficulties, you can always contact us and our oven repair specialist will help you.

What to do if the oven does not heat up?

A common cause of breakdowns in an electric oven is the heating element. In the case of a gas oven, this is a faulty lighter. To replace a heating element or igniter, you can use a screwdriver to remove them. The heating element can be accessed by removing the storage box located at the bottom of the oven. If all these actions cause you difficulties, you can always contact us and our oven repair specialist will help you.

What to do if the oven self-clean feature does not work?

If you have a self-cleaning oven and it has stopped performing this function. First of all, you need to make sure

that you have started the cycle correctly and check all the timers and knobs. Also, keep in mind that large spills often leave a layer of ash and you just have to clean it up yourself. If self-cleaning still doesn’t work, then this is a serious problem that only an oven repair technician can handle.

We have a team of professionals with many years of experience and they are ready to help. If you live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Staten Island of New York and need an oven repair, contact TopAid Appliance Repair Company today for fast service! Call us today at 646-346-7603 or schedule an appointment.

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