washing machine repair

Useful tips for using your washing machine.

The washing machine is a real miracle of modern technology and a guarantee of clean clothes. TopAid Appliance Repair company, have been repairing washing machines for over 30 years, and of course we know all the secrets of their use.

  • If the laundry is not very dirty, then it is better to use a 30-degree cold water cycle. Higher temperatures will have to be used to remove stubborn stains.
  • Select the mildest wash cycle to reduce water consumption.
  • Fill the washing machine drum completely with laundry, this will save water, time and money.
  • To prevent the appearance of persistent stains on the linen after washing, it is recommended to wipe such linen separately and soak in soapy water before washing.
  • If the laundry has bacteria or stubborn odors and unpleasant odors, select a high washing temperature.

A washing machine is a very reliable assistant in our home. But, like any other technique, over time, the needs washing machine repair. Local TopAid Appliance Repair company specialist will help with accurate diagnostics and washing machine repair. Call us today at 646-346-7603 or visit https://topaidappliancerepairny.com

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