oven repair

Frequent problems with oven repairs.

The most common problems are when the oven does not heat up and the oven bakes unevenly. The cause of this problem may be the ignition of the oven. If the igniter becomes weak, it cannot open the relief valve properly, thus causing temperature problems. You can call us and an oven repair specialist will come to your aid.

Oven broilers use direct high heat to quickly cook food (such as meat) and give it a golden crust. If the braziers in the oven are not working when the setting is on, then there may be a pilot problem, but it may be a barbecue element. The spark electrode is located next to the frying burner and acts as a spark plug. When the spark electrode breaks, the grating stops working. You can call us and an oven repair specialist will come to help.

Before self-cleaning the oven, we advise you to check the door switch. The oven self-cleaning cycle will not start if the oven door is not locked.

Thermal fuses prevent the oven from overheating. Therefore, if the fuse blows, it will need to be replaced.

The temperature control thermostat is great for baking and frying, but not for a self-cleaning cycle. And this makes it difficult to independently check the thermostat. The oven repair technician will determine if it needs to be replaced.

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