Dishwasher repair

Is the dishwasher making a specific noise?

The dishwasher makes noise due to the many mechanisms inside it. However, there may be new, specific noises indicating that the dishwasher needs repair from a local TopAid Appliance Repair technician in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island.

It is not recommended to load fragile or cracked dishes into the washing machine, for example, crystal glasses can break easily.

The dishwasher fan is usually the first to fail. If the fan does not hum quietly, it may be broken and in need to have repair. We advise you to contact your local TopAid Appliance Repair Company.

Food residues may remain in the dishwasher. If you place dishes in the dishwasher with food leftovers, they will bounce off the dishwasher, causing a rattling sound. It is recommended to dispose of food residues on the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher.

The dishwasher can have a malfunctioning motor, which can cause a strange noise that you usually didn’t have. A defective motor can damage the spray arms, resulting in a grinding noise that immediately grabs your attention. Our dishwasher repair technician can replace any defective part. Replacing a single component will be much cheaper than buying a new dishwasher! Call us today at 646-346-7603 or visit

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