Repair or replacement of the refrigerator?


Refrigerator repairs are often cheaper. And it doesn’t depend on whether the refrigerator makes strange sounds and you notice a leak or other problems with it. Most refrigerator repair problems are quickly diagnosed by local home appliance repair companies in Brooklyn and fixed by a refrigerator repair technician the same day, often in less than […]

Is your refrigerator not cooling?


If your refrigerator is not cooling, then you need to fix the problem immediately so that your food does not go bad. Problems often require the attention of a refrigerator repair professional. We’ve compiled a list of the reasons your refrigerator doesn’t cool food. Sometimes the thermostat dial is set too low, resulting in an […]

Why is my refrigerator making strange noises?


Every time you are in the kitchen, you notice that your refrigerator is making loud noises similar to a buzz. This noise usually comes from the freezer of the appliance and may be normal. But there are times when the noise can be too loud and indicate the need for repair or maintenance of the […]

Useful tips for maintaining your freezer.


A freezer is an essential appliance in your home. So let’s take a look at some helpful tips for freezer maintenance: If you want your freezer to be in good condition for many years, you need to keep it at the right temperature. The freezer temperature should be between 0 and 8 degrees Fahrenheit. If […]

Why the refrigerator can leak?

refrigerator leak

Why the refrigerator can leak? If you notice a puddle of water around the refrigerator, this may be a serious problem. Refrigerators can leak for many reasons. It is necessary to eliminate the cause of the refrigerator leak as soon as possible. If you need professional help from a refrigerator repair technician, then contact us. […]